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Ines Cano Uribe Talks About Expecting the Unexpected in Childhood Eczema

For Ines Cano Uribe, her mission is simple: to help parents and children dealing with childhood eczema (sometimes also called infantile eczema). If she can help families dealing with this life-changing situation somehow find ease in their discomfort, and be at peace with the condition that is affecting the quality of life of not only their child but theirs as well, then she would have accomplished her goal.

There are different types of eczema, and the extent or severity of the condition varies from patient to patient. In some children, their eczema disappears after about age 5, or before they reach puberty; for others, the condition simply goes into remission and then reappears in adulthood. Still, there are others who suffer from the condition throughout their lifetime, from childhood to adulthood.

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Knowing what to expect can help parents provide proper care and support for affected children. When you suspect that your child has eczema, it’s extremely important that he or she sees a doctor right away. Sometimes, rashes behind the ears or face may look like eczema but could be something else altogether. Proper diagnosis means proper care and medication.

You may also need to work with a team of doctors, including a pediatrician, allergist, dermatologist, and even immunologist. All of this depends on the exact condition. You may also have to meet with a nutritionist or dietician if certain types of food trigger a flare-up. This is a slow, emotionally and mentally taxing process for the whole family but more so on the child so patience, understanding, compassion, and love are needed in large doses here.

With all the trips to the doctor, plus all the medications (oral, creams, lotions, special soaps, etc.), and special diet, another thing that you should expect and be ready for is effect all of this will have on your finances.

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Most important of all, you have to be 100% present for your child. Your child suffers the most from this situation, and it can heavily impact his mental and emotional wellbeing. The shame and embarrassment of having this skin condition are insurmountable for the child.

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