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Ines Cano Uribe Talks About Reducing Stress in Children with Eczema

Stress is one of the known triggers for a flare-up, and while some parents argue that their babies can’t be stressed because they’re still babies, it couldn’t be further from the truth. Babies generally absorb whatever their parents are feeling, including stress. Read more about eliminating stress factors in children from Ines Cano Uribe:

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School is one of the places that children may experience stress in. Seeing other children with healthy skin can already induce stress in a child suffering from eczema. While parents can’t control how their children feel, they can help them cope with stress at school.

Discreetly talk to the teachers and parents to let them know about your child’s condition, and how it isn’t a disease that can be spread by simply touching or interacting with your child. Let them know that it’s perfectly safe to be around your child. Being ostracized because of their condition is one of their greatest fears, and by talking to your child’s teachers and your co-parents, you can actually spread awareness about the mental and emotional impact that childhood eczema has on the patient.

Certain school activities may stress out your child too for fear of a flare-up. If your child has developed sensitivity to art materials like glue or paint, let the teacher know about this and suggest other alternatives. For outdoor activities, you could ask the teacher for alternative as well since heat and sweat are known triggers for a flare-up.

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The good news is that your child can join swimming activities; just make sure to apply Vaseline on your child’s skin to protect it from chlorine, and sunscreen to protect the skin from the heat of the sun. Observe your child’s skin after about half an hour in the water. If no rashes appear, your child could stay in the water for up to about an hour. Make sure though to get your child out of the water as soon as rashes appear.

For Ines Cano Uribe, communication is key to helping your child eliminate stress factors. Your child can still enjoy a good life, with a little precaution.